Australian Made  Just Trailers Trailer built  from scratch.

JUST TRAILER are Australian Made from scratch in Brisbane, complying fully with Australian Standards. Using 100%  Australian Made BlueScope Steel.

Australian Made is often confused with Assembled in Australia, those Imported Trailers are a compromise in their design and strength which only allows for quick Assembly.

All of our trailers have a full RHS Chassis; All Box Trailers have a one-piece full-length draw bar from Coupling to Tail Lights.

Custom build to a high Standard and Quality in Our Australian Factory as we have for over 20 years.       Just Trailers offers a  Large range of Sizes, Options and Accessories, choice of trailer lengths or depths, draw bar lengths, Spring ratings and Brakes, whatever you require or wish.   Every painted Just Trailers trailer receives a coating of zinc-rich primer prior to final Industrial Paint finishes or you have the option of  Galvanising. We exceed most Customer’s Expectations.


can you ask to see one being built or visit their factory ?

Finally to save you time and frustration we register BEFORE you take delivery. (Queensland only).

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