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Heavy Duty High Side Tandem Trailers Regional Council Orders supplied by JUST TRAILERS ROCKLEA

Council Orders

Just trailers is fulfilling orders for councils We’ve just received orders and provided two Shire Councils with quality trailers. The feedback we received from both Shire Council was great to hear …

Alloy Tray Heavy Duty Trailer Chassis. JUST TRAILERS ENGINEERING

Best Built Galvanised Trailers

There is hardly a day goes by without us hearing these words “do you build all your Trailers, I’m sick of seeing that poor quality Imported Galvanised Product, the finish …

Yellow Box trailer


Just Trailers is still going strong, even when our competitors are dropping! SADLEY Aspinall Trailers in Archerfield has closed!  But we are still open providing THEIR and our customers with …

hard working trailer

Satisfied Customer

Here is an email we just received from a satisfied customer.   Kinbombi Station (John Cotter) recently purchased a trailer from you. We would like to let you know that …


What We Do

ESTABLISHED for over 20 years. Australian Made, not just assembled; Every Just Trailer is fabricated from scratch at our factory in Rocklea, Brisbane, complying fully with all Australian Standards.