Best Built Galvanised Trailers

There is hardly a day goes by without us hearing these words “do you build all your Trailers, I DON’T WANT ONE OF THOSE IMPORTED ITEMS!                                                                                                                               I’m sick of seeing that poor quality Imported Galvanised Product, the finish leaves a lot to be desired”.


Our return comment and 100% truth is “YES, all our Trailers are built in our JUST TRAILERS Rocklea Factory” and yes you are welcome to inspect where we build them and see your order at various stages of construction.


We are proud to say 100% AUSTRALIAN MADE

GALVANISEDUnlike many other resellers who are only assembling Flat Pack Imported Products.


It’s always special when we create trailers from scratch.

And you can check our every inch of your new trailer as we use the best products available to ensure you get the best results and a trailer that will last.


DISASTERS HAPPEN – don’t let them happen to you.

Will your Trailer make the Full Journey on your Tow Car or on the back of a Tow Truck ?

Check out this PDF which discusses the flaws of Chinese manufactured trailers.



Don’t let this doesn’t happen to you. Only deal with Australian Manufacturers.  JUST TRAILERS is one of them. Contact us