We are Excited!

Brand new  Agents Rick & Deb at Aussie Outdoor Sheds are up and Selling at Withcott, look out for this Sign on the Highway!

This is a fabulous new option for a partnership.  This will allow our Aussie Made Trailers to be found easily. Having agents that work with your business is another way that our Aussie spirit works.

Toowoomba and Gatton Residents now have access to quality trailers.

We look forward to working with Rick and Deb for a long time to come.

Toowoomba and Gatton residents now have an Australian MADE Trailers available in Withcott.

Drop in say hello and support local Manufacturers.

Our amazing partnership is already showing fantastic results for the locals. Here is the first or many sales on their way to  Withcott.

Or CONTACT US for more information.